Data Revenue Objectives Gigantic Scale

At the same time, this meant that the line between impressive and outright dystopia became wafer-thin at times in both organizations. It is therefore indeed possible to link big data and revenue objectives on a gigantic scale. An achievement in itself. While smaller service providers are still busy working out, oh poor, one dashboard, the larger South Korea WhatsApp Number List players are already making good progress. That would look like this, for example: Wehkamp’s Kafka: an ecosystem for everyone Data scientist Arnoud de Munnik and analyst Gijs van der Woerd start at the beginning-of-the-beginning.

Objectives Gigantic Scale

A paper catalog and a wave of gloating ripples through the room. Good old paper days. Then little by little the hood of wehkamp online opens. De Toekomst appears and while the silence in the room continues to thicken, Arnoud and Gijs guide the audience through wehkamp’s data architecture. In diagram form, this shows an impressive jumble of communicating, autonomous microservices. The moment a website visitor buys a shirt, pants or book, data shoots from table to table. The system is running: shopping cart, newsletter, all top deals at a glance, comparable products, search results.

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Data Revenue Objectives

Then another functionality captures all data in a data lake. In wehkamp’s case, that’s an entire ecosystem kept alive by 2.7 million customers an all the data-capturing analysts. It’s irony It’s ironic that the IT platform on which all this runs is called Kafka . Franz Kafka (1883 – 1924) might have laughed himself too. In The Process the writer has the individual destroyed by the legal system. In Het Slot by a bureaucratic black box. One hundred years after the man’s death, the consumer. Along with two million others, is processed into a dashboard by a system that bears Kafka’s own name. When the doorbell rings, the consumer sprints to the front door.

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