The Number of Articles That Have Been Classified

In addition, as editorial is verified. Scoring: +3 points – last editorial content is not older. Than 1 business day, +2 points – the latest editorial content. Is no older than 3 business days, +1 point – last editorial Switzerland Phone Number content is not older. Than 10 business days, +0 points- the latest editorial. Content is older than 10 business days. User activity – comments (0-2 component points) purpose. We evaluate whether the website has active users. Evaluation method: 10 articles in random. Order check and the number of articles that had comments was evaluate.

Scoring: +2 Points

In random order out of 10 articles. At least 5 were comment +1 point – in random order out of 10 articles, at least 1 comment, +0 points – in random. Order out of 10 articles Switzerland Phone Number none were comment. Contact details (0-2 component points) purpose.we evaluate whether the website is anonymous or has the contact details of the publishers. Evaluation method: checks if the contact details. Can found on the website. Scoring: +2 points – the publish phone number. And (physical) address can be easily found on the website, +1 point. The phone number or address (physical) address of the publisher. Can be easily found on the page, +0 points – neither the phone number. Nor the (physical) address of the publishers can be found on the page.

Substantial and Technical

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Evaluation done by the white press Switzerland Phone Number editorial team on the day the give portal verify. At the request of the publisher or any marketer, the portal can re-evaluate. Technical evaluation (0-10 points) – calculation method w3c – code validator (0-1) points purpose. To verify the correctness of the portal code using a universal indicator. Achieving this goal is easy for a company that cares about the services it provides. Evaluation method: the randomly select subpage test in the w3c validator scoring: +1 point – page passed test, + 0 points – page failed. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtest – server response time (0-1) points purpose: verification of the display speed of the home page and 4 random subpages by the server.

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