Not Measuring the Campaign During and After the Action

When your products or services can be sold or distributed nationwide , then it makes sense to advertise on Google Ads nationally. But if you operate locally – like a bakery, dentist, repair shop or supermarket – then it’s better to make a regional ad . Tip: Local marketing: what is it and how can it help you? When we regionalize the ad in Google Ads , it only appears to people who are geographically close to you . So, if you only work in Rio Grande do Sul, you don’t have to pay or waste time advertising for those who are in São Paulo or Bahia. 4. Not targeting the campaign’s audience in Google Ads One of the best tools within Google Ads is the ability to segment the target audience of your campaign.

Ignore Long-tail Keywords in Your Campaign

What does that mean? It means that you can choose exactly the profile of the person you want to see your ad . Imagine that you own a gym just for women in Gramado. It is possible to make specific ads for, for example, three types of audience: one for young women up to 30 years old, another for women from 30 to 55 and another for women over 55 years old. Learn to identify the ideal Investors Email Address profiles of your customers with our spreadsheet! Click on the banner and find out! Banner – Ideal Customer Profile Worksheet Each ad can be personalized and increase the chances of conversion through this targeting. 5.

Investors Email Address

Not Knowing Your Buyer Persona and Journey

Ignore long-tail keywords in your campaign One of the most common mistakes made in Google Ads campaigns is ignoring the effectiveness of long-tail keywords . Long-tail keywords are those that are very specific and have a lower amount of searches . Because they are more specific, they also tend to have a higher conversion rate ! Tip: The 11 Best Keyword Tools! For example, imagine that you own a hotel and hire an ad for the keyword “hotel in Canela”. You will likely get a lot of clicks, but many of them won’t close a deal. After all, they are still looking at hotels, which will cause their conversion rate to drop.

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