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LSI keywords” and “blog post templates” Considering we’re only a few positions behind, it might be worth checking the SERP to see if there’s anything we can do to rank higher. In the case of LSI keywords, it looks like we need a lot more backlinks — which won’t be easy In the case of “blog post templates”, Backlinko ranks one position above us at the top, even though we have about the same number of linked websites. While there could be many reasons for this, one factor could be that Backlinko arguably has a more appealing content alignment in the title tag “work like a charm” vs. “when to use them” . Find sites that need a refresher Rankings don’t last forever. Even if your page was once in the top position for your target keyword, it’s likely that it will eventually drop in the rankings and lose traffic.

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This is when you should refresh and republish the page. To Portugal phone number find pages that are ready for a refresh, you can use the Grossing report in Rank Tracker to look for keywords that have seen their rankings drop over time. For example, our ranking position for “Local SEO” has dropped from 1 to 9 since we started tracking the keyword. Checking this post in Site Explorer , we also see a corresponding drop in estimated US traffic It’s quite likely that if we did update this post for 2021, it would regain at least some level of rankings and traffic. To learn how to do that, check out our complete guide to updating and republishing content . Find competitors to start your keyword research Finding topics covered by online competitors is one of the best keyword research methods.

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However, it works best if you analyze your competitors’ websites. To quickly find these competitors, go to the Traffic Share report in Rank Tracker and click the “Domains” button Because Rank Tracker generates these competitors by looking for sites that are attracting search traffic from your tracked keywords, it often reveals close organic search competitors that you may have missed. For example, we see among our top competitors by traffic share Since this site isn’t a direct business competitor, nor is it an SEO blog, we probably would have overlooked it when doing keyword research. However, if we enter the site into Site Explorer and review the Top Pages report, we see a few topics that might be worth covering, such as Tips for Small Businesses and Marketing Calendar.


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