Natural Selection Is Extremely Kenya Phone Number

Natural selection is extremely important Kenya Phone Number in this project.however, the destructive nature of user natural selection still exists in this project. Users will step on the lawn for their own convenience, and will also park their Kenya Phone Number at the gate of the community for their own convenience, or lock them privately so that others cannot use them. This is a difficulty that needs to solved in the operation of this project. Fight against the weaknesses of human nature. How should this problem solved? 03 the levers that cannot used to adjust user behavior invalid, and the price still a powerful tool to adjust user behavior.

The Initial Idea Kenya Phone Number

Of ​​mobike was to introduce points Kenya Phone Number or credit points to solve the problems of human weakness, such as parking the car in the community, locking it privately, or even stealing it, as well as taking pictures to facilitate users Kenya Phone Number to find cars and other problems. But judging from the current situation, it obviously doesn’t work. Every tool needs to have effects on both ends to be valuable. Points and credits without any exit is the biggest source of failure of this tool. If users don’t know what the points are good for, they won’t have the motivation to earn points. Users will not motivated if they do not have the motivation to earn points. Users are lazy and self-interested, and they will definitely make a balance between the benefits.

In Exchange for Kenya Phone Number

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Reporting and the benefits for themselves. Most users will Kenya Phone Number report when they see the car parked community, because it is convenient for themselves, and there is a car riding without leaving the community. Why should i report it? This a typical self-interested mentality. If we changed it to 50 yuan for reporting Kenya Phone Number an illegally parked vehicle. Would this still be the case? Or you can give 100 points for a report, each point can exchanged for 1 yuan, or the points can exchanged for the corresponding equivalent. So that the points have a comparative value in the user’s psychology. Broken window effect, catch typical negative cases, let users fear the rules.

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