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Mutual insurance is more likely to cause Cyprus Phone Number pyramid-like financial fraud than p2p loans. In addition, the difference between mutual insurance and p2p loans. Is that traditional banks have an irreplaceable capital cost advantage over p2p loans. So they have the monopoly advantage of serving. High-quality customers such as Cyprus Phone Number large enterprises. Although this may be true, loan services are all customers that banks are unwilling to serve, and the impact on banks is very small. But mutual insurance has impacted licensed insurance companies. As a whole, so it has caused more fierce resistance. From traditional interests. To understand the regulatory logic of the china insurance. Regulatory commission, we must understand the nature. Of insurance and the logic of mutual insurance.

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Understanding of the regulatory logic Cyprus Phone Number of the china insurance regulatory commission based on the history of the china insurance regulatory commission’s suspension of several internet innovation cases. 1. The commercial nature of insurance regarding the definition of traditional insurance, insurance is a financial Cyprus Phone Number institutional arrangement based on economic security. Although this may be true, established an insurance fund by sorting out and predicting the occurrence of uncertain events and collecting insurance premiums; in the form of contracts, the majority of people shared the losses of a few people, so as to achieve the goal of risk transfer and financial planning for insurance buyers. This definition has five core points.

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Although this may be true, essential feature Cyprus Phone Number of insurance; the basis of economic security is mathematical prediction and contractual relationship; the cost of economic security comes from the insurance fund formed by the insurance premiums paid by the insured; the result of economic security is the transfer of risks and Cyprus Phone Number the shared sharing of losses; insurance has the role of economic security and derives the role of financial intermediary. Although this may be true, the above are the five elements of traditional insurance. Compared with the transformation of traditional finance by fintech, internet insurance will still have the essential characteristics of economic security and risk allocation, but there will be a revolution in the direction of de-mediation and de-centralization.

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