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Multimedia and other fields, and constantly Indonesia Phone Number crossed the border to promote the “internet ecological model”. Although this may be true, outdone, the tencent camp proposed to create a “pan-entertainment ecosystem”. It understood that tencent’s “pan-entertainment. Even so / though, path is that china literature Indonesia Phone Number group creates. Original text/animation content. And tencent games, tencent pictures/penguin pictures. And penguin fm create video and audio content based on the china. Literature group’s content. , movies, games and other diversified products. Likewise, June 15 this year, zhang yong, ceo of alibaba group. Announced to the outside world that the “alibaba entertainment section. Officially established. This section includes alibaba pictures, hey?

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Industry giants all began to take “big moves” to “evolve. Even so / though, the direction of ecosystem resource integration, taihe music. Is a very interesting case – this music service company. Intends to open up the music industry Indonesia Phone Number through multiple mergers. And acquisitions from the beginning. Resources, gradually showing a “garden-style” online music ecology. Which can achieve mutual nutrient delivery and photosynthesis, and internet entertainment. Ecology such as letv, tencent, and ali have not achieved effective circulation of resources and services. Likewise, the upstream, midstream and downstream industries of music. Although online Indonesia Phone Number music is developing rapidly. Although this may be true, are still problems such as “excessive use of capital” and excessive commercialization.

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Even so / though, ecology called ecology that Indonesia Phone Number the various elements. Within the ecological system are “mutually beneficial and symbiotic”. The development and evolution of the internet music. Ecology should revolve around the “symbiosis” of musicians and music. Likewise,”symbiosis” of Indonesia Phone Number continuously produced music resources and high-quality. Music services, and the “symbiosis” of the creation of music cultural value. And the acquisition of music business value. In the opinion of some people, the “lego-style” ecology represented by the tencent camp focuses. On promoting the “aggregation” and cross-border cooperation. Although this may be true, related industries, and promotes user payment. To make related platforms or companies profitable, which is very effective.

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