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Check out this excerpt from an email from melyssa griffin. About her transition away from an unfulfilling job to a life of freom as an entrepreneur. And blogger: most people get involv in internet marketing. Because they’re sick of their job and want. More autonomy in their lives (myself included). This authentic story about melyssa’s agonizing. Job makes her more endearing, and it also propels. People to take action and purchase her course. Especially in a niche like internet marketing where not everyone is. As reputable as they claim to be, stories like this show. That melyssa is not the type of person who will rip. You off for some easy money and sell you a course that won’t actually help you.

Empathizing with the pain points of your customers is a great way to build loyalty. As robert cialdini, author of best-selling book, influence, states: “it’s not just about talking about what your client stands to gain … it’s often more important to explain what stands to be lost if they fail to move in the direction you recommend.” numerous studies have shown that moving away from pain is a stronger motivational force than moving towards pleasure. Although pain point marketing can be us to prey on people’s insecurities and sell them things they don’t ne, it can also be us to compel people to purchase products that will change their lives for the better.

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 If you’re going to use this tactic, make sure you’re 100% certain that your products deliver on your promises. If you offer people a solution to a problem that keeps them up at night and you fail to deliver, this will destroy your brand integrity. Incentivization when you think about incentives, discount codes to encourage repeat purchases normally spring to Honduras phone number mind.  However, incentivization can be us on prospects as well as existing customers. One of the best ways to incentivize loyalty from day one is to incorporate a double-sided referral program into your onboarding process (this means that both the referrer and the friend receive benefits). When you consider that 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations

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Over all other forms of advertising, it’s wise to encourage referrals as much as possible. Dropbox provides the most compelling example of a brand that generated extreme loyalty using referral marketing. As new users are on-boarded, they are encouraged to refer friends to the service. However, instead of overtly promoting a referral program, dropbox presented this to the user as a way to get more account space. In other words, dropbox appealed to the self-interests of the individual rather than promoting their own service. 

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This is a winning formula, since dropbox acquired 4 million users in 15 months. As a word of caution, dropbox was only able to generate extreme growth using referral marketing because its service is incredibly useful. If users were encouraged to refer their friends and dropbox delivered a poor service, the negative publicity would have spread like wildfire. Summary while all these tactics are useful for creating brand loyalty, they only work when your primary aim is to deliver value before you receive anything in return.

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