More important than the Metaverse We open the door to the Metaverse

This passage is the author’s speech. When discussing this phenomenon .With some friends in the foreign industry. It means that the metaverse is an empty concept. At present almost all the so-calle. International manufacturers are looking at .How to win the business of the platform. But they have not noticed that the metaverse will need more creative and vital virtual people to walk. In between. That’s definitely not a cloud-generated canned robot. And that’s the perfect place to start for. A small team with an idea.However the software and hardware. Tools use in the process of making 3d virtual characters. Are actually a red sea, and there are .Countless domestic and foreign players. Such as unreal’s metahuman or the vroid studio provided by .And even the you can go back and slowly carve. Out with the most traditional maya or 3dmax.


Speaking of the producers


There are new and old competitors all. Over the world. And it is extremely difficult to find the entry point. For the latecomers but the team that has the. Ability to train a newly debute. Virtual person into a public figure is a team. Countless. The world hopes to remove several .Japanese virtual internet celebrity. Brokerage companies, each of which . Nearly a dozen of them with annual income of. Hundreds of thousands of dollars .And virtual people who have debuted in other countries. They are still struggling to achieve profitability.Furthermore Romania Phone Number  a very important feature of. A virtual human is that its subscribers on. Youtube are extremely cross-border. And borderless is also a basic feature of the metaverse. If any new team can add more to their works. The cross-cultural element is one of. The to emerge in the world.Sincerely suggest that the operation team .Of the virtual human must incorporate. The creativity of the new residents. The new residents here are not only from southeast asi. But generally refer to immigrants from non-chinese. Cultural backgrounds or the second generation.


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For software programmers, in the future


More and more things will still need to implement new concepts through programs. New residents and software engineers are both the advantages of taiwan, a small country with few residents.At present, a virtual human industrial settlement has not really formed in the world. I personally think that if taiwan can provide a better environment in the following key aspects, it can take the lead before the giants of multinational enterprises have formed an overwhelming advantage, and in the future there is still a chance to gain a place in the competition.Virtual people do not have the same legal rights and obligations as natural persons or corporate legal persons. If taiwan can lead the world in giving virtual people a certain level of legal status, it can be used as an example for the world.The recent use of deepfake-type technologies is a clear example of an industry developing faster than regulations. For example, a virtual person can be like a mobile phone, and it has an imei number that can be queried from the factory. In this way, it is not necessary to go to the extreme like the real-name system in the real world, so that virtual people can keep their creativity in the metaverse, but there is no problem of finding someone responsible after breaking the law.




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