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that don’t use video Viewers who watched an ad twice on mobile experienced a lift of 23% in unaided brand awareness and 47% in unaided ad recall. Do you really need any more convincing?! Video can clearly make your advertising and content budget more valuable. In my opinion, the reason many businesses hesitate to use video content is because it can be an overwhelming medium to get used to. It also has a reputation of being expensive and complex to produce – plus, it supposedly requires ongoing optimization across different platforms and audiences.

But that’s not necessarily true. I’ve created this post for those who want to introduce video content into their marketing strategy on a budget, or improve the video content that they already put out. It’s full of recommendations for free or low-cost shortcuts and heaps of tips to make your video content stand out. Hopefully, it will show you that there’s no real reason to avoid jumping on the video bandwagon already! Without further ado, let’s get started. conent marketing guide Free Download The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Business First Name * Email * Download Now The first step is to plan your video One of the key reasons many marketers struggle with getting started with video is not knowing where to begin.

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 You may be a pro at planning and writing blog posts, sales copy and social media updates, but video content is a different kettle of fish. It’s a whole new medium and it’s understandable if you’d rather not use it at all than risk using it to distribute unclear France phone number messages that could cost your brand in more ways than one. But jumping into filming without a plan is precisely what makes it expensive! You need to start with a simple planning process and always keep a few checklist items in mind before hitting the record button. Determine your video’s length first. 

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While you may end up with a slightly longer or shorter final video than you planned, working towards a ballpark length will make your filming life easy. As far as the length goes, it’s always best to start small with a goal to build a video not longer than a few minutes. A video length of two to five minutes is what Amy Schmittauer, author of Vlog Like a Boss, recommends in her book. This is even more important if you are just starting out; you will inevitably make mistakes, and they will be easier to overcome if you start small! Plan your visuals and audio ahead, too. 

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To approach your filming in a purposeful way, first define your topic. What is the goal of your video? Are you trying to educate people? Entertain them? How do you want them to feel while watching your content? Is the tone more casual or formal? Once you’ve defined the goal of your video, it’s time to list all the visuals and soundbites you can think of that will enrich its key message. Who can you interview? What can you say to your audience? What kind of visual footage can you use to enrich someone’s audio statement? Come up with a

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