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Compelling intro for your next blog post. Anyway, you’ll end up with a list of ten or so blog post titles. Under each, you’ll record: (1) the topic, (2) the type of headline (3) the style of introduction, and (4) the word count. It will become clear to you as you do this analysis what topic you should write about, what kind of headline you should use, what style of introduction is appropriate for this blog, and what sort of word length to aim for.

Follow this technique and it’s almost guaranteed your guest post pitch will be accepted. Taking it up a level now it’s time to reach out. Remember, this step is a whole lot easier for you than it is for others because you’ve already established a relationship with tons of experts. They’ve worked with you, they’ve shared your round-up post with their followers, they know who you are already! Here’s the template that I use for the initial outreach: hi {name}, it was great having your input into my recent roundup post.

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I was on your website today and I wondered if you accept guest posts? If so, I have three ideas for a guest post that I would love to submit. Thanks for Costa Rica phone number your time. But if the blog does have such a link, then definitely read their guest post guidelines. Your outreach template would then look like this: many blogs that accept guest posts no longer advertise the fact – they don’t have a link anywhere that says ‘write for us’ or ‘guest post guidelines’. 

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Hi {name}, it was great having your input into my recent roundup post. I was on your website today and I see that you accept guest posts. I’ve read your guest post guidelines and I’d love to have my post published on your blog. Please find below three possible article ideas. Article idea 1 working title: Electronic commerce (ecommerce) continues to grow in spain. According to the latest data from the national commission for markets and competition (cnmc), the figures for electronic commerce are increasing in all aspects: a greater number of registrations on websites, transactions, higher income… Specifically, in the third quarter of 2020, electronic commerce if any of them are suitable for your blog, I can have a draft to you within a week. Thanks for your time. 

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Best regards, once you start submitting guest post ideas, you need to keep track of what you submitted and to whom. The way I do it is to create a word document containing two tables. The first table lists the guest post ideas: the second table references the blog post ideas in the first table and records the blog owners I reached out to: one of the reasons for keeping a careful track of which guest post ideas you submit to which blog owners, is that you definitely want to avoid submitting the same guest post idea to more than one blog owner. Delivering the nitty gritty once your guest post idea has been accepted, get to work and deliver it within the

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