Micro-moments: What They Are and How They Can Help Your Company Sell

When we think of digital marketing , we can define micro-moments as stimuli that occur in small fractions of time during the customer ‘s buying journey . With the constant changes in people’s consumption habits generated by technology, purchase decisions are made on the spur of the moment and according to specific needs, that is, there is no right time to buy . In this article we will talk about micro-moments and their importance to increase sales in the virtual scenario . Keep reading and check it out! Tip: digital marketing strategies: how does this impact my results? How does google rate micro-moments? Recent research carried out by google shows that 79% of smartphone users want to receive immediate answers when looking for information on the internet .

How Does Google Rate Micro-moments?

That means you always have to be ready to be when a potential customer needs you. Also according to google , the micro-moments can be subdivided into: “ moment i want to know ”: it is characterized by the satisfaction of a curiosity; “ i want to go moment ”: when smartphone Purchasing Directors Email Lists location tools help people get where they want to be; “ moment i want to do ”: users seek information on how to do what they want; searches range from recipes, make-up tips, hairstyles, decoration etc; “ i want to buy moment ”: these are the moments when the user seeks information about a certain product before buying; the motivations can be to replace something broken or even to get information about something new.

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What is the Importance

Watch the video below made by google and better understand the micro-moments! What is the importance of micro-moments in digital marketing? In digital marketing , micro-moments happen when the consumer searches for a certain information, product or service on google before buying. Digital interactions currently influence the buying process as much as a seller, and in some cases even more. Persona surveys and consumer interviews can be very useful to understand your audience’s consumption and online research habits , so your entire strategy must be based on data relevant to your business. How can micro-moments help your company sell more? In the digital market , being is a key point for generating new business.

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