Meitu Xiuxiu has new features this year! This is too stupid!

Earlier this year, we rolled out a new image adjustment feature, and weve had a lot of great feedback in the months since. In this post, ill share some feedback and explain what this new feature can do for your business. Basically, we added the ability to resize images in the meitu xiuxiu imaging pipeline. When people talk about the size of a digital photo, theyre probably referring to two different things image size in pixels or print size in inches or centimeters. Image resizing involves whats called interpolation this is where software enlarges an image by comparing adjacent pixels in the image, then creates a best guess between which pixels to add to create a new enlarged version.


Introduction of new functions

For example, to upscale a 1200 x 1000 pixel image image manipulation service to 2400 x 2000 requires software to create 4 times as many pixels as the original image. The problem is that all interpolation algorithms are not created equal. With the latest improvements to the sdk, scaling is now handled nicely when scaling images. 2. Why is it needed you might be wondering as photography gets better and better, what does it matter are 12 megapixel pointandshoot cameras or smartphone cameras good enough these days yes, but if pictures are uploaded to social media or electronically emails are sent out, usually with greatly compressed images. To make matters worse, printing images directly from platforms like weibo can lead to suboptimal, lowquality results.

image manipulation service

Why is it so important?

Thats exactly what were trying to solve. Our updated CU Leads resizing algorithm allows you to print lowresolution images at higher quality. 3. Why is it so important when a digital photo is printed, the pixels in the. Photo are copied to the paper. The more pixels in a photo, the more pixels are printed on each inch. This is pixels per inch pixels per inch, ppi. The average price index minimum requirement for most printing services is about 180 so if you want to print. An 8 by 10 inch image, youll need an image that is 1440 by 1800 pixels 8 inches by 180 pixels per inch 1440 pixels . For the best print quality, many people recommend 240 ppi, which is 1920 x 2400 pixels. Pictures on instagram are 1080 wide, so many print. Services wont even allow you to order 8×10 prints from these pictures.

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