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CEO and Founder of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Brian Scudamore when he first started his business) Brian contacted the Vancouver Province, a local newspaper, and told them he was a 19-year-old high-school dropout who was revolutionizing and professionalizing the junk removal business. The next day, Brian’s story was published on the paper’s front page. The subsequent number of calls he received made him realize there was an opportunity to grow quickly using the power of PR. It also resulted in Brian giving up his schooling to focus on his junk business full-time – 

your company’s growth strategy. PR helps you market your business in the following ways: It boosts awareness: PR creates general awareness for your product, service or brand and lets people know you exist. Plus, it can help increase your website’s rank in search engines so people can find your business readily. It attracts employees: By having media highlight your company’s values and talk about how you are an industry leader, you will appeal to qualified individuals who wish to be employed by a company that’s going places. It entices new customers: When your brand or service receives positive press coverage, your brand gains credibility among 

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customers, influencing them to choose your products or services over your competitors’. (flashback to 1991, CEO and Founder, Brian Scudamore talks to BCTV News about his new business in the garbage disposal and garbage collection industry) How to create newsworthy stories for PR Great stories stick. They’re not only easy for us to remember, but B2B Email List they can alter how we view the world. To make sure your story resonates with the public, it’s imperative you develop your angle. Ask yourself: why are you different, special or interesting? Why should people care about your company? Answering those questions is essential to a successful story or

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Pitch. When brian landed his cover story on the vancouver province. It was because the reporter got hooked on the ‘high school dropout’ angle. If he hadn’t found a way to stand out from the crowd. The journalist probably would have sent brian straight to the paid advertising department. Most small business owners have a unique story to tell – whether that is about their past or why they established their business. They are often interesting to the media. But the newsworthiness of your story is what determines if a journalist actually wants to write about it or not. Here are some key elements to help determine if your story is newsworthy or not:

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Timing: Your story doesn’t need to be breaking news to be timely, but it should ideally tie into an event, offer new information, or give a new angle on an already publicized story. Media can start to lose interest in a story pretty quickly in today’s world because they have moved on to fresher stories elsewhere. Significance: How is the story relevant or interesting? Will the story impact its audience? Will a large group of people be affected by the story? Proximity: Location, location, location. The closer a story hits to home, the more newsworthy it is. People are more interested in local or home-grown news than in news from far-away places.

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