Marketing With Gamification Practices When Some Interactive

Sometimes playful elements are implemented in the customer’s experience. As if he were participating in a game (gamification comes from game ). Many brands apply this strategy in their apps to encourage consumers to buy. That’s what starbucks . In the united states. Did during the covid-19 pandemic: the app started to reward users with stars for each item purchased. In addition to bonuses for answered questionnaires. Starbucks app starbucks app when collecting a certain amount of stars. The consumer can exchange them for coffee or other products in any franchise of the chain.

Rewards Actions Such as These

Not only increase conversion and attract traffic to their respective channels, but also show the public that the company cares about building loyalty and contributes to a positive image of the brand in the market . Conversion the activation or conversion stage can also gain new strategic layers with the use of Finance Directors Email Lists rewards marketing, strengthening the brand and encouraging the use of its products. Nike is a benchmark company in many ways , and rewards marketing is no different. Through the nike run club (nrc) app , it has relied on gamification to create a way to expand the brand experience beyond running shoes.

Finance Directors Email Lists

The Platform Allows Athletes to Measure

Their efforts and create their own training programs while also integrating a worldwide community of runners who participate in competitions and earn medals and trophies. Thus, they are motivated to remain at the top of the rankings . The rewards encourage the app’s competitive engine , helping to retain nike users and spread the brand’s image as a symbol of the sports community. Loyalty we have already touched on the importance of customer retention for the company’s revenue. But how exactly can rewards marketing help with this step? In the midst of a competitive market, offering benefits makes your brand stand out from the competition, raising consumers’ positive perception of it.

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