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They might have scrolled down a bit but ultimately decided that they weren’t that interested. Pretty frustrating, to say the least. The solution here is to change how you are formatting your posts so they look more scannable and ‘snackable’. A study conducted by poynter institute has revealed that when people stumble upon an article with. A boldface introductory paragraph, 95% of visitors browse all or at least some part of it. In fact, in many instances, the introductory paragraph is being read before the headline! Research also shows that emphasizing visuals in your introductory paragraph may increase the amount of text consumption by

So ensure there’s some visual variety at a glance in your post. 2. Use bulleted points and listicle formats what if I told you that making your writing more streamlined and applying a few. Formatting changes could significantly increase the amount of information your readers would take in? A study conducted by nielsennorman group looked at an article describing new york restaurants. The researchers found that by reducing the amount of information in the article. Shortening paragraphs and ultimately. Increasing whitespace, they boosted text comprehension by a whopping 34% while reducing reading time by half. Pretty impressive, right? Take a look below.

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The lesson here is that ‘more text’ does not necessarily equal ‘more informative’. Even if you’re a capable writer, you can always tighten the direction and structure of your pieces. It’s not about how many words you include in a blog post – it’s about whether you offer something worth sticking around for. When researching a different new york times Paraguay phone number article, the same researchers concluded that subheadings and more concise writing could improve the overall comprehensiveness of an article by 12%. What’s more, writing in a bulleted or listicle style can really help sharpen the focus of your content as well as leave users feeling more satisfied with their reading experience. 3.

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Use subheadings strategically the careful placement of subheadings is critical to user engagement. Subheadings can not only increase the amount of text consumption for skim-readers but help maintain the attention of those whose attention spans may be short. Unsurprisingly, a study by nn group shows that people pay a lot of attention to subheadings. Research suggests that marketers and copywriters should prioritize the first two words in their subheadings, as they tend to get the most eye fixation from ‘skimming’ users. 

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Try to map out a rough structure for your blog posts by writing your subheadings out ahead of time – then combine them with strategic formatting choices like bolding or block quotes to make the most important text stand out. A good rule of thumb to remember is that your subheadings should effectively convey the ‘big picture’ of your post and all its content. Make them easy to understand and ensure they connect with your introductory paragraph. 4. Use ads next to your best content the idea is simple and as old as digital marketing itself – if you want to squeeze the value out of your ads to the last drop, you need to beat banner blindness among your

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