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It considers geographic, demographic, and psychographic data about past, current, and potential customers, as well as competitive analysis, to assess the feasibility of a product offering. In other words, it’s the process of understanding who your business is targeting so you can better position your marketing strategy. In this guide you will learn The role of market research in a marketing strategy When to do market research Types of Market Research Market research methods and their advantages How to Conduct Market Research Example Include. Market Research Tools and Resources What role does market research play in a marketing strategy? A marketing strategy is a company’s overall plan to reach consumers and convert them into customers. The key word in the definition above is “plan”.

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Launching a product is like starting a new game. Since Israel phone number you’re new to. The game, you don’t know the rules and you don’t know who you’re playing against. This is exactly where market research comes into play. Market research allows you to figure out the rules of the marketing game by understanding your target audience. It also allows you to understand who your opponent is by assessing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Research is what marketers do to plan their moves and outperform their competitors. It’s also what marketers use to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their own marketing strategy . But is market research the ultimate business oracle? Unfortunately, no. Even companies that specialize in market research admit this — here’s a quote from one of them.

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Market research cannot be assumed to be an exact science as it would be unrealistic and unreasonable to expect market researchers to predict the exact demand for a new concept as there are numerous variables that influence demand outside of the market researcher’s area of ​​responsibility. Therefore, despite its importance, market research is “only” a part of marketing and it is “only” an experiment. It is up to you whether you conduct the experiment and when you end it. For example, the Crystal Pepsi seemed very promising during the research phase, but failed when it was launched a similar thing happened with the New Coke . Xerox’s idea for a commercial photocopier was a no no in the eyes of market research analysts Xerox brought it to market anyway — and the rest is history.


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