Many Will Have Less Turnover Because

If you want to create a new one, click on ‘Create filter’ at the bottom. In one of my reports I use this filter option to show the results of Google Ads campaigns running in the Netherlands, Germany and England in separate tables. Create filter in Google Data Studio 5. Working with date range In a report you can indicate per diagram over which period the New Zealand WhatsApp Number List data should be displayed. You can also set charts to follow the default period. The default period is the data range that you indicate in the ‘Period’ that you can add to each page. You can see how to do that in this video: If you are going to report monthly, it is useful to set the default period to ‘last month’. Then you never have to change anything again.

Will Have Less Turnover Because

If it is useful for some results to include data from past months, you can make the date range for that specific chart different from the default. Check regularly whether the data range is still correct. Compare with last year – Google Data Studio Compare with last year – Google Data Studio Google Data Studio also gives you the option to automatically compare the results with a previous period of your choice. Very handy to be able to immediately say something about the results. By default, all results that have been increased have a green color, and the results that have been decreased have a red color.

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Less Turnover Because

You can adjust these colors yourself in the ‘style’ tab. 6. Design of your report Although a report naturally revolves around the numbers, it looks even better with its own design sauce over it. For example, add a logo, place an image as background, type an explanation and place diagrams in the house style. From font/size to margins, grids, transparency and color. You can completely lose yourself in shaping. You can add images, text and figures via the ‘Insert’ menu item. Then you select them in edit mode and you can adjust the properties on the right side of your screen.

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