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This completes the ‘package’. Knowledge management is insurance against ignorance; see its cost as the insurance premium From high to low. It is only complete when the culture in the company is also changed. It must also be clear to all employees. That knowledge Japan WhatsApp Number List is used by everyone (with top management as standard-bearers) in all kinds of decisions. The champion, the one who has hired the data analyst for this role, should then have more and more supporters in the board and the rest of the organization. After all, everyone sees the results of their hard work. That should lead to everyone taking part.

People Have Actually Registered

This brings us to the structural question: how do you build a knowledge organization? Here too, the book provides a ready-made recipe. To begin with a system must be introduced to facilitate knowledge management. Or better yet: a system. This can consist of a database or intranet, 24/7, also remote, available and quickly accessible. Knowledge is therefore quickly and free of charge access to all authorized colleagues. Data on computer.

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The next question is: what data are we going to store in the system? Then you come directly to the hygiene factors: is the data accurate, current and legally obtained? But of course also whether it is relevant: will it help to make better decisions, now or later? It is essential that the correct metadata. Tags are added when saving. Otherwise, finding it becomes a problem. After some time, data collection and organization become more routine. It is becoming increasingly clear why which data is important. Now is the time to automate things.

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