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Many new media currently attached to wechat public accounts. But if one day wechat dies, what will you do? Variable three: the sensory impact of virtual reality in november 2015. The new york times launched an indonesia phone number. And provided readers with some news images combined. With virtual reality technology. Although this may be true, domestic users indonesia phone number subscribe. To the paper edition of the new york times will given simple google vr glasses. In the event that, readers to experience the situation in the newspaper content. That is to say, once this vr reading experience. Becomes a popular way. The content presentation form of media reports will change.

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In the event that, more and more simple, and only Indonesia Phone Number need to be accompanied by simple characters, text dialogues, scene descriptions, etc., and the rest can be handed over to readers to experience. Although the current development of vr technology is not particularly mature, who can tell what will happen Indonesia Phone Number in the future, and we cannot ignore the possibility of such variables in any case. Variable four: fragmentation of information in today’s era, hundreds of millions of messages are generated on wechat and weibo every day. Such a huge amount of information has also led to the fragmentation of the entire media industry.

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Indonesia phone number

For any media to track and report all the Indonesia Phone Number information with a team of dozens or even hundreds of people, so the direction of the media will also change. One is vertical segmentation. Vertically segmented reports are often easier to win the recognition of users in this market, and user loyalty is relatively higher; the Indonesia Phone Number second is specialization. Specialized reports are easier to attract high-quality readers and generate greater media value. In the event that, the third is personalization. Personalized and unique reports can better establish their own differentiated advantages and not easily replaced by others. From this point of view, the decline of today’s paper media has brought.

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