Many Agencies That Have Not Been Able to Adapt

In either one page or the other. Unfortunately, this often leads to the loss. Of a very high percentage of results on the right page. The one that brings good ctr and higher conversions. A rarer, even a little more extreme opinion goes even further. If a single page assigned to a given search term could rank x, two competing pages will rank Luxembourg Phone Number much lower than that x. What should we focus on in our attempt to avoid the unwanted effects of cannibalization? Because we are now working on the content. And elements of the category pages, we need to avoid them. Gaining the potential to be indexed on the search. Keys of the products in the store, but also on those of the other categories.

A Very Common Form

Also, of cannibalization. Is between Luxembourg Phone Number categories and homepage. Technically, the process is not very difficult. We have a category, following the keyword research. Procedures we determine which are the most appropriate queries as a topic. With appreciable traffic volume and possibly with affordable competition. Then we check what in our site already has appreciable positions on those terms. Then, if there are already pages with good and especially useful positions, we avoid optimizing for that term. A particular case is when the competing page. Is not suitable for our purposes, in which case we use the term. For the category page, and in parallel, we “undo” it from the unwanted page. In the last 8 years, there have been a lot of changes in google’s algorithms. Panda and penguin, who are responsible for evaluating.

The Quality of Search Queries

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Have made seo a much more Luxembourg Phone Number difficult and time-consuming process. So, seos and seo agencies have had to change their actions dramatically. Everyone involved in seo had to put the quality of content and links in the spotlight. The old, automated methods that brought fast results soon became. Ineffective short-lived. And the effect was not permanently dangerous for the client’s site nowadays. The methods that matter are based on optimizing. The page and the usefulness and value of the content. Old link structuring solutions, such as linking from. Poorly ranked directories, poorly optimized support, and automatic forum and blog posts. Can only hurt your site instead of making. It more visible in search results.

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