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scenario). The simplest advice I can give you for solving this problem is… just don’t buy email lists. First of all, they won’t save you that much time in the long run. Also, you won’t ever be able to correctly target your leads. And last but not least, you could get fined under anti-spam laws. What you should do is build your own list. What we do in my company is use our in-house tools – Etools – to find relevant emails by searching a certain domain. There are a lot of other software for easier prospecting including Anymail Finder or Voila Norbert. You can use free trials to test them all out and see which one brings you the best results. 4. If you don’t say who you are, that’s not okay This rule of cold email marketing is very simple.

You have to let your recipients know who you are and why you are emailing them so they can easily identify you and your company. It’s simple to abide by. Always use your originated email address. Since you are emailing strangers who might want to know more about you, besides just complying with the law, you can make this process of recognition way better by: Creating a Gravatar account with that email address. Using the same email address on your social media channels. Using the same picture in your Gravatar, social media and email.

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 It’s super easy, and it will help you a lot in terms of being perceived as a real person and not a robot. Also, in your email signature, you should add: Your first and last name. Your company name and link to it. The physical mailing address of your Malaysia phone number company. Note: If it’s too long, you can always use a smaller font for this. 5. If you use tricky subject lines, you’ll violate anti-spam laws You might get carried away with the plethora of marketing articles telling you to be as creative as you like when it comes to email subject lines.

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 And sure, cold emailing can become very predictable, so it’s great to experiment and test out different ideas. But don’t get carried away, because according to anti-spam laws, your subject lines need to reflect the content of your message. In other words, don’t trick your recipients. Especially not in your first outreach email. Playing around and being creative is very different to misleading people into opening your emails. 

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Make your proposal and your subject line clear and simple. Even without the law telling you this, you probably already know that if your recipients feel deceived, it’s unlikely they would want to do anything further with you or your company. It’s common sense and basic courtesy not to deceive anyone. 6. If you don’t monitor what others are doing on your behalf, expect problems! This one is very important and most people forget about it. If you have a freelancer or agency that takes care of your email outreach efforts, you can’t pass on the full legal responsibility to them. The company whose product or service

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