In a Feed Management Tool Changeable

The possibilities are actually endless! You could apply the following 6 take-ways to your own campaigns in, for example, Google Shopping,, Amazon or Fonq, using a complete feed and a feed management system. 1. Using Dynamic Product Titles Canada WhatsApp Number List and Descriptions When your products have different titles and descriptions, it is useful to have this automatically added for each product in your data feed. This allows you to match the structure of your titles and descriptions an provide them with search terms for which you want your products to be foun.

Feed Management Tool Changeable

Apply bid increments based on margin With a feed management. Tool you can create rules in which a calculation is made. In this way you can determine the margin per product via the sales price minus the purchase price and then convert this into percentages. You can then convert these percentages into different campaigns in, for example, Google Ads. Products with a low margin are shown in campaign A, products with an average margin in campaign B and products with a high margin in campaign C. This naturally also involves other bids. 3. Exclude out-of-stock products You are looking for a pair of Nike shoes in size 40 and you come to the Nike website.

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Tool Changeable

A while later, an advertisement of the same shoes is shown on Instagram. After which you buy them. When you clicked on the ad, you find out that only size 35 is still available. Irritating! When we turn this around, Nike actually paid for a click that would never result in a conversion. This could have been prevented with a smart rule in which you automatically exclude. All products with an inventory of less than one pair from your product fee. In this way you would never have seen the shoe again and Nike could have saved on the click price. All sizes of which 1 pair or less is available are excluded from the data fee in this example. All sizes of which 1 pair or less is available are excluded from the data feed in this example.

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