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Guide free download the ultimate guide to website traffic for business first name  download now myt. You can save money by building your website yourself if you think that building your. Website yourself can help save you a heap of money, think again. Your website will invariably. Look more professional and have a stronger impact on visitors if it’s built by a good developer. It will also be more likely to give you a great roi in the long term.

Will ultimately generate more revenue and less heartache than any attempts to build it yourself. Here’s why: website building requires a strong knowledge of industry practices. It is not possible for you, as an entrepreneur or a manager, to be fully conversant with those. Leave the technical work to the professionals while you focus. On building up your market share and increasing your bottom line.

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A good agency and its designers will take time to profile your users, formulate a plan, and do the groundwork. They will know the right strategies to make your website do what it is designed to do, I.E., sell. An agency that offers integrated Morocco phone number online marketing solutions can also help you with other activities beyond website development, such as web discoverability. This is essential in today’s competitive, seo-optimised world. You do need to conduct some research when choosing a web design agency. Ask questions, such as whether they can provide assistance with seo optimisation and content marketing for your brand or business. See if they offer ongoing maintenance or post-sale services so that you won’t be stuck with a website you don’t know how to manage in the future.

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Image source: hashtag17 myth 2: it is not necessary for all websites to be mobile-optimized I’m not sure if anyone really believes this anymore – with smartphones making life so much faster on the go, a huge number of people browse websites using their mobiles. Therefore, it is imperative to have a website that is responsive across all devices, and cross-browser compatible. According to a report by statcounter, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop internet usage for the first time in 2016. You simply can’t afford to believe this myth, because: 

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The objectives of customers who enter your website through mobile are very different: they are generally after quick information and have an impulse to buy more quickly. A survey by ing across 13 european states showed 42% of smartphone shoppers made purchases impulsively. Optimizing your website for mobile devices provides your users with a good user experience (ux) because they can comfortably browse your website while on the fly. If your website is not responsive, your bounce rate will increase leading to a drop in your search engine rankings. Websites like mile high comics (pictured in the screenshot below) are extremely disruptive and unpleasant to browse. A website that is not mobile-friendly will ultimately drive your customers away. Myth 3: writing

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