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Get started in less than 5 minutes; Sqreen is implemented within your code to protect your application and users from intrusion, attacker.

Sqreen is a lightweight agent built for performance to provide comprehensive security, including the following.

SQL / No-SQL / Code / Command injections
Owasp Top 10
Cross-site scripting attacks
zero-day attacks
Not only Node.js, but also supports Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, Go.

Sqreen uses Collective Intelligence to detect an attack early by leveraging data from other applications.

N | Solid is a drop-in replacement platform for running a Node.js application. mission critical.

Added real-time vulnerability scanning and custom security policies to improve application security. You can configure it to be alerted when a new security vulnerability is detected in your Nodejs applications.

Rate Limit Flexible
Use small packet to limit the rate and trigger a function on the event. This will be useful to protect


yourself from DDoS and brute force attacks

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Some of the use cases would be the following.

Login endpoint protection in the first place.
Crawler/bot speed limiting
In-memory block strategy
Dynamic blocking based on user action in the first place.
IP rate limiting
Block too many login attempts


Wondering if this will slow down the app?



No, you won’t even notice it. It’s fast; average in the first place request adds 0.7ms in cluster environment.

Add CSRF protection by China Phone Number implementing csurf . Requires a session middleware or cookie parser to be initialized first.

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