Links Are Often Free in Various Publications

And the journalist or editor-in-chief decides whether certain information is worth publishing. Google’s guidelines for site owners are clear – buying links prohibit. In the case of e-pr, we do not do prohibited actions. Here is the explanation of a “paid link” what are paid links? Google webmaster if e-pr activities result in dofollow links, you can assume UAE Phone Number that they are quite strong. Why? Well, the link is in a normal editorial. Such an article has guaranteed internal links and is promoted by the publisher. Of course, there are web services that publish everything they receive, but the power of published links will be much lower. Online portals that do not create their own articles and do not carefully.

Choose Their Own Content

Have no influence, not quote and do not receive links. Their popularity UAE Phone Number is usually low. First of all – good content marketing you have to understand one thing – if the text you sent to the journalist of poor quality, it will not publish in an influential publication just because it is unique. It doesn’t work that way! Public relations involves good content, which is attractive, unique, trendy and, last but not least, factually correct. And it not evaluate by the standards of the company that sent it, but in terms of the target audience. The journalist must interest. In addition to the right communication techniques, the content and the way it present are the key to success. Content marketing can help you reach it, especially if you use it honestly and consciously.

Implementing a Proper Cm

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The strategy will give you a number UAE Phone Number of valuable, expert, educational and inspirational articles. If they show to the journalist, he will happy to publish them. If they meet the above criteria, of course. It can said that content marketing often treate as a link between seo and e-pr, especially when it comes to distributing and promoting very good articles. E-pr costs – is it right for anyone? Although payment not always require to publish articles, e-pr can be very costly. Most often the company starts collaborating with a public relations agency or hires its own pr specialist. Some companies implement e-pr strategies using the expertise of employees who have different functions in the company.

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