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Ose will show you the domain authority (da) in the left-side column: record the da for each blog in the relevant column of your spreadsheet. Now you need to sort your spreadsheet by column d. If any of the blogs in your spreadsheet have a domain authority of less than 30, highlight them yellow and leave them out of this exercise. Why? Because their domain authority is too low to have a positive impact on your da. Choosing your guest post topic the most common mistake people make when guest posting is choosing the wrong topic for their first guest post.

Some people believe the best topic is the one they feel the most passionate about. They’re wrong – when you’re guest posting, it’s not about you, it’s about the blog owner. Or more precisely, it’s about the blog owner’s readers. What is it they want to read about? Remove your own agenda from the equation and you’ll probably end up with a much more focused post. Another common mistake is when people head over to a content search tool such as buzzsumo to see what’s trending, or comb through the comments at the end of blog posts to see what readers are asking about. 

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These techniques will give you an idea of the topics that are going to be popular on your target blog – but they’re time-consuming and there’s a simpler way to do it. I learned this technique from danny iny and it’s so effective that he once had eleven different guest posts appearing simultaneously on eleven different blogs. Go to the target blog and have Croatia phone number a look in the right sidebar. Often there’ll be a heading that says ‘our top 15 posts’ or ‘favorite posts’ or simply ‘best of’. Visit each of the top 10 posts and analyze them in terms of the following: what’s the topic? What’s the style of headline? the style of the introduction? What’s the word count? Most times you’ll see just two or three topics in those ten sample blog posts.

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Look for patterns in the titles of the ten sample blog posts. Here are some common types of post titles: how to…[do something] how to [do something] and [achieve something] in [time period] how I…[achieved something] the ultimate  definitive  complete guide to…[something] [number] ways to…[do something] [number] must-know tips for [doing something] discover…[the something that does something] a proven [something] strategy that [does something] there are two main styles of blog post introductions: introduction type 1: the pain and the pleasure 

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The hook the problem the solution the promise introduction type 2: the simple transition the hook the transition the thesis the conclusion the first type paints a vivid picture of the problem and the pain associated with the problem. It aims to hit emotional triggers in the reader. The second type is more formal, less emotional, and shorter. It simply introduces the topic and lets the reader know what the article is about. Still confused? For more on this subject, you can check out my article the definitive guide on how to write a

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