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YouTube channel as one of your marketing mediums, you can also use a keyword research tool like Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer to see if people are searching for topics related to your companies have to do. For example, we see thousands of people searching for SEO topics on Google and YouTube every month This shows us that publishing content on these channels makes sense for us. We also know that we can use social media and email marketing to nurture and retain customers, so we create content for those channels too. Question 4. What type of content will you create? If you want to publish content on YouTube, it’s pretty obvious that you’re going to publish videos because that’s the only type of content you can publish. But with many other marketing channels, things aren’t always so obvious.

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Take your website for example. There Honduras phone number are many types of content you can publish, for example blog posts white papers landing pages Wiki article Interactive tools video courses No one has unlimited resources for content creation, so you should consider what types of content you want to focus on. For example, on our website we mainly focus on three types of content blog posts Wiki article Interactive tools We currently have 906 blog posts and an estimated 253,000 visits to our blog each month — according to the Top Subfolders report in Ahrefs Site Explorer . BY THE WAY.Many of these blog posts are translations we only have ~300 english posts. We have 10 free tools that get us an estimated 301,000 monthly searches. And we have 267 wiki help articles that give us an estimated 2,300 monthly searches.

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Those 2,300 hits on our wiki articles may seem negligible compared to our blog and free tools, but the purpose of this content isn’t to generate tons of traffic. They serve to inform and retain customers by answering general questions about our tools. On Twitter we mainly focus on creating and sharing product updates. NEW The organic traffic chart now also takes into account seasonal fluctuations in search volume! This data will show up in the Organic Keywords 2.0, Top Pages 2.0 and Organic Search tab and metrics in your Site Explorer overview and informative threads with condensed knowledge from our blog posts If you have your own illustrations or infographics on your site, chances are that others will use them in their content.


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