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You can create more impact by saying something interesting and unusual that gets people to stop and click. We did that a few years ago with our I asked 235 people to tweet my article. post. There is no panacea for this it is important that you know your target group, their language and what resonates with them. 3. Create information gaps to spark curiosity Share your information with everyone except the one you want to pique. Everybody does X but you!” Just make sure to back up this claim in your article so it’s not just another clickbait article. 4. Test different headline variations If you publish your article on social media, you can choose a different title. Test variations of the main topic.

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Conclusion Writing a compelling headline isn’t Turkey phone number rocket science. It’s marketing science. And that’s a lot easier. If you use the three step system outlined above, you can even compete with the best writers in your industry. If you’re ready to become the best headline writer yourself, check out the classics of copywriting. They all have their own evidence based headline formulas that are backed by theory. These are the five books I learned the most from Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins . Introduces the concept of “ copy testing ” by describing the most effective headlines in direct response marketing — circa 1923. Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples . Claude Hopkins’ methods refined by another decade. Contains the most successful headline formulas that are still being clicked nearly a century later.

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Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz . Introduces the idea of ​​“ brand awareness ” and shows how to target the different levels of consumers. The Wizard of Ads by Roy Williams . This is a more modern, my personal favorite book that offers one of the most unique approaches to copywriting. Great Leads by Michael Masterson . This is all about how to write the first line of copy in a way that has the most impact on your audience. And then, when you’re an expert at writing headlines, you can tweak the rest of your article with Si Quan Ong ‘s magic SEO copywriting guide . Feel free to tweet me and ask me to leave you a head line.



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