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Valuable content that adds value to your viewers and readers creates deep engagement. Apple makes huge announcement about twitter blog post update on page what are some other. Ways to increase engagement? 10 tips to increase engagement run polls using the standard. Facebook ‘question’ feature (above the ‘write something’ box) to engage your audience with something that makes them actually do something. Implement ‘third  party” survey tools. One great service is survey monkey that provides much more functionality than the. Basic entry level facebook “questions” feature include twitter in your menu.  This is available as a standard setting on your facebook fan page and provides another channel for engagement.

As facebook is a real time media you can publish the latest events. News on topics of interest that are happening in your industry or niche. In essence it is a real time sharing tool that will notify people that have liked your page. About the latest ‘hottest’ news update your facebook ‘page’ with your blog posts straight. After publishing respond to all comments on your facebook page. In a timely fashion run a competition on facebook post your youtube videos to your facebook page.

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This provides another distribution point for your youtube videos. Embed your slideshare presentations on your facebook page (slideshare is a social media website that takes your powerpoint presentations and converts them into a slideshow on the web). Just Slovenia phone number paste the link and your slideshare presentation will embed within facebook photos at events can be uploaded to facebook which humanize and personalize your brand. People just ‘love’ photos on facebook and this will drive a deeper engagement with your prospects and customers. So mix up your media and this can be a challenge for a ‘text’ blogger. 

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So think like a publisher and publish your content in as many places with as much rich multimedia as time and resources allow. 5 tips to make sales on facebook at the  end of the day the final objective is to increase sales. You have  provided the incentives and tactics to let them like your page and become a fan. You have then engaged them with low level engagement from reading your blog post updates on your facebook page or responding to a survey or a poll. 

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It is now time to provide some calls to action and links and even an online store that. Can be created within facebook to start making some sales from your facebook marketing. Guy kawasaki makes it easy for you to order and buy his book “enchantment” on facebook. Guy kawasaki’s enchantment facebook site where you can order and buy his book 5 tips to make sales use a reveal tab that is set up as.  Need to bring into your store or claim online to get a discount on. A product or service consider an f-commerce function – convert and sell within the facebook ‘page” without the customer ever having to

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