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Just after being deeply “bound” with weibo. The second shot Poland Phone Number of the video ecological matrix backed. By technology is more confident. In addition, weibo is relatively open. At the beginning of this year, the 140-character limit was lifted. And it has long supported rich content forms such as pictures.videos, and articles. In the third Poland Phone Number quarter of last year. Weibo pictures posted 65% of the overall content. And the average daily video playback volume. On weibo in the second quarter of this year. Increased by 235% compared to the first quarter. More importantly, weibo and twitter are developing. Into two extremes. After the listing. With the blessing of alibaba, weibo rode the horse galloping.

Maintaining a Growth Poland Phone Number

Rate of more than 30% for nine Poland Phone Number consecutive quarters. In terms of commercialization, the total revenue of weibo in the second quarter reached 927 million yuan. , a year-on-year increase of 36%, and earnings Poland Phone Number increased by 246% year-on-year, exceeding wall street’s average expectations by more than 50% and hitting a record high. However, twitter is faltering. The financial report shows that twitter’s q2 revenue was $602 million, a year-on-year increase of 20%; the net loss was $107 million, and losses became the norm after twitter went public. The “matthew effect” of the strong getting stronger and the weak getting weaker is so real between weibo and twitter, miaopai and vine.

Twitter Has Done Poland Phone Number

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ngs repeatedly at the Poland Phone Number wrong time point, resulting in today’s unbearable situation. As a bystander, we can only think about the pain and warn ourselves and remind others. Right now, the entire technology Poland Phone Number industry is making waves. “in the next 15 years, most of our work and play time will touched to some extent by virtual reality.” all the giants in the world. Facebook, google, apple, amazon, microsoft, sony, samsung. Have entire teams dedicated to virtual reality and are recruiting more. Facebook alone has more than 400 people working in virtual reality. Magic leap, a mixed reality company that has never released a product, has raised $1.4 billion (partly from google and alibaba) and is valued at $4.5 billion.

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