Journey Of Discovery In Your Organization

But as colleague Edward Stapel already described. With Brand Lift Study 2.0 it is possible to do this yourself via the Google Ads interface. To achieve significant results it is recommended to spend at least $5000 in a week . With a Brand Lift Study, YouTube Georgia WhatsApp Number List conducts a study in which. They show the expression to a part of your target group and they use a control group, which does not see the video. Through a small survey aimed at, for example, an increase in brand awareness or brand recognition, YouTube tests the impact of your campaign.

Discovery In Your Organization

New bidding strategy In addition, YouTube recently launched a new bidding strategy that focuses on increasing brand consideration: Maximize Lift Bidding (currently in beta). As soon as you use Brand Lift Studies as a brand, you can also adjust your bidding strategy accordingly. Based on the results of your Brand Lift Study, YouTube targets a target group that has a high chance of considering your brand. So very interesting! Maximize Lift Bidding will be available soon for YouTube Trueview in-stream ads . YouTube for Action In addition to the above firelift techniques. You can also use YouTube for Action (and possibly associated bumper.


In Your Organization

In addition, you can use bidding strategies such as target ROAS. Or target CPA and lower funnel targeting options such as custom intent which focuses on an audience. That has searched for terms on Google in the past 7 days). Of course it is possible to direct a macro conversion (eg an e-commerce transaction) with this. But at PBB it can also be smart to focus on micro-conversions (for example an engaged web visit ) with such campaigns.

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