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If you re concerned, look for the green check mark next to each report title; this confirms that you are not seeing any sample data in the report. BY THE WAY.Google Analytics 360 is the paid version of Google Analytics, which costs an average of $150,000 per year. At the enterprise level, this service helps achieve up to 500 million hits per month and provides implementation assistance and technical support. How to set up Google Analytics Just like you can t catch a fish without first casting your net, Google Analytics can t collect data unless it s installed. So the sooner you set it up, the better. Follow these three steps to install and test Google Analytics 1. Create and set up your Google Analytics account Follow these instructions to set up your account correctly. Click Start Measurement.

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Enter an account name This is for internal use. We Belgium phone number recommend using your company name. Edit data sharing settings optional . Click Next . Enter a name This is for internal use only and your website domain works well, especially if you work with multiple websites under one company . Check the reporting time zone and currency these should match your business location . Click Show advanced options . Turn on the “Create University Analytics property” option this is considered a best practice to enable the GA4 advanced measures . Enter the website URL. Click Next . Enter industry and company size information optional . Click Create . Accept the Google Analytics Terms of Service Familiarize yourself with them before agreeing, as your location may have specific privacy policies .

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Check the details of the web stream Make sure everything is correct, e.g. HTTP vs. HTTPS and www vs. non-www. This can skew the accuracy of the data . 2. Add the GA tag to your website Before Google Analytics can collect data, you must install the GA tag on your website. The easiest way to do this depends on the configuration of your website. If you use WordPress. Install the GA Google Analytics plugin . Go to the plugin settings. Copy your measurement ID from Google Analytics. Paste the measurement ID into the GA tracking ID field in the plugin settings. Choose Global Side Tag from the tracking method options. Click Save Changes . If you use Wi. Go to Marketing Integrations. Under Google Analytics, click Connect . Click Connect Google Analytics. Paste your Google Analytics.


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