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Importance of this marketing strategy. So even if you’ve been burnt, it’s worth trying again – and even more important to identify which mistakes. You’re making so you can avoid them. Mistake 1 – lacking a detailed campaign plan having a battle plan for influencer marketing is a must! You don’t want to implement an influencer campaign just because everyone else is doing it. This is not about jumping on the bandwagon. Collaborating with any old influencer is not what it takes to succeed. Before you conduct social media outreach and start working with an influencer. Nut out a clear vision of the campaign in question. Be decisive, set up measurable and realistic goals, and list all important points to cover. 

Having a detailed plan will give the campaign a vital dose of purpose and navigation. And ensure that both you and the influencer can work toward achieving a scaleable goal instead of just posting aimlessly. Mistake 2 – focusing solely on follower counts social media influencers are targeted by. Brands and different companies primarily because of their follower count. Therefore it is easy to conclude that the more followers, the better. Not necessarily! Of course, follower count matters, but it is not the only factor to take into account when looking for an influencer. 

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Don’t forget that the success of your campaign depends entirely on choosing the ideal person for the job. If you focus on the number of followers primarily, you probably ignore engagement rates. It is not enough to have a lot of followers on the influencer’s account; the ideal influencer is one who also motivates and engages their audience. To get Portugal phone number the most out of your campaign, don’t ever overlook the power of engagement. Occasionally, someone with a lower follower count will have more engagement than those who are followed by more people. Instagram is the perfect example of the micro-influencer effect in action. Image source:

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socialmediatoday mistake 3 – sticking to one social media platform even when you have a presence on all social media platforms, there’s always one where you have more followers than anywhere else. This often makes marketers feel like they need an influencer who is also popular there, which can lead to the focus falling purely on that platform. Not only does this prevent you from achieving the success you want with influencer campaigns, but it also doesn’t allow your business to reach new and different groups of people. 

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If you already have a strong presence on one platform, try choosing an influencer from a different platform to branch out and increase the traffic and follower count on your other social media accounts. Mistake 4 – making the collaboration a one-time deal you have a successful influencer campaign with one person yet decide to find someone else for the next gig. Sounds familiar? This is a common scenario primarily because marketers and business owners tend to believe that social media websites are a buffet, and they must try every meal on the menu. While this may seem like fun, it is not overly practical. You see,

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