It Plans to Create More Paraguay Phone Number

In the future, it plans to create Paraguay Phone Number more creation bases. All over the country to provide free use for video. Creators. Video column cooperation plan: the promotion. Resources of zhou geng’s original short video column will be tilted. And resources worth more than 80 million. Will be invested in the cooperation Paraguay Phone Number of original short video authors. Miaopai hui” function: for any weibo that contains miaopai links. Miaopai will pay half of the cost to the promoter. When purchasing fan headlines for promotion. It is in this way that vine and miaopai take different attitudes. Towards original authors in terms of traffic support. Commercial income, and video production. Which lead to completely different results.

Miaopai Enables Short Paraguay Phone Number

Video creators to develop more Paraguay Phone Number vertically and in circles. It has won the hearts of the people, and has driven the development of the entire short video content industry through investment, support, and business innovation. Capital investment: one with 0 investment and one with 100 million us dollars just Paraguay Phone Number talking about the support of content creators, vine has neither the heart nor the strength. Even the “ultimatum” of top creators, vine seems helpless, and the investment in other capital is even more hopeless. However, the most terrifying thing is not the tightening of funds, but the misuse of the already tightened funds. Vine once spent a fortune to put together a lavish party for all the elite creators to celebrate king bach’s over 16 million followers as a top vine star.

At the Party, Paraguay Phone Number

Paraguay Phone Number List
Paraguay phone number

Everyone was having a good time, but by Paraguay Phone Number the next day, the tone in the group chat was snarky again. They wondered, if vine could spend so much money for lavish parties, why couldn’t it used to more directly support its top creators. The final result is that vine has an “evaporative cooling effect”. Whether it is a Paraguay Phone Number celebrity v or a high-quality long-tail user, they all choose to escape, leaving only junk users with no skills and no perception. Let’s look back at miaopai. In november last year, miaopai’s parent company yixia technology received the largest investment in the short video industry in the world so far – 200 million us dollars, and immediately announced that it will jointly invest 100 million us dollars with sina weibo.

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