It Is Possible You Already Have Traffic by Categories

But it seems useless to you, the direct traffic. On the product pages producing much better conversion rates. This is really a very good question, and as in everything seo means, the better the question, the closer to “it depends” will be the answer. Why bother with category page text? Seo specialists have very different views. On optimizing category Kuwait Phone Number pages in online stores. Where does this controversy come from? It largely starts with the question from the previous paragraph. Even if we were to bring traffic into the category, what would help us? Or, how has a puritanical line of attack in the seo world. Already been outlined, how would it help users? Some say that the descriptions on the category pages.

Are Purely for SEO

Purposes and that. They are of very little Kuwait Phone Number value to the user. As in many other similar cases. It depends on how the optimization is done, its overall purpose. The truth is that far too many sites understand by optimization. The addition to the end of the category page. Of a text with almost no head and tail. Which looks more like a keyword listing than a readable text. The choices of seos with the end-user in mind. Not the google algorithm – are based on an approach that contains at least. A short but unique description – original description. Even if it is “enriched” with keywords, is still presented in a way. That is useful to the user and provides additional information. Placed at the top of the page, not at the end – visible and useful. To both the visitor and the crawler by using.

The Description As

Kuwait Phone Number List

A useful addition to those who visit Kuwait Phone Number our page, we also help. Google to better understand what it is all about. You may reply – “but there are all the products, how can google not understand what we do”. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie. Who knows what he’s doing. Then we come back to something we suggested. At the beginning of this article: product names. In an attempt to differentiate – especially between them. Often lose the line of general queries. Those that have an extremely high number of searches, and from which we would like to enjoy ourselves.

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