It Is Time Externally Focused Again

There are of course also examples of a positive effect on the customer experience. An increase in requests, in combination with compliance with the measures and correct information about this, resulted in a strong growth in turnover and higher Morocco WhatsApp Number List satisfaction scores for Sparerib Express . A courier that focuses on customer satisfaction. Tip: ask an in-depth question about the measures You can of course also ask a specific question about the corona measures to find out how your customers experience this and whether you always comply with them.

Externally Focused Again

Some sample questions (for different industries) are: Do you think we stick to the corona measures enough? (to be widely deployed) Have you always been able to keep one and a half meters away in our store’? (for retail, catering & hairdressers) How did you experience the online communication during this project? (for business services) Has. The delivery person adhered to the measures. For postal & delivery restaurants) Are you satisfied with the solution offered for the cancellation of your trip. For the travel industry It is important that you do not ask too many questions about it. It is not a fixed part of your usual service.

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In Other Words

It is therefore not advisable to ask multiple questions about it. One specific question about corona is sufficient. You can combine this with the written answers to your open question. With this you will learn a lot more about what the customer has experienced and whether this went in the right way. Focusing this period on customer satisfaction? Yes, because only by formally receiving feedback from your customers can you understand, analyze and immediately process your customers. In the short term, this will help you improve the customer experience despite corona measures.

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