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It even affects mutual insurance Costa Rica Phone Number investors. And investors who violate the insurance law will prohibited from investing in the insurance industry. The main keywords of the regulatory opinion include. In the name of “mutualĀ  aid and mutual aid. Some online mutual aid platforms publicly promise liability Costa Rica Phone Number protection. Publicly claim to pay full compensation and withdraw reserves. Although this may be true, fees from the public and accumulate funds. Link and compare mutual aid plans with insurance products. Even so / though, publish misleading publications or false propaganda, and some even claim. To have millions of members, and the above behavior has been suspected of “promising. Compensation and payment responsibility” to the public.

According to the Costa Rica Phone Number

Even so / though, law” and other laws and Costa Rica Phone Number regulations, the china insurance regulatory commission (circ) will investigate and punish those who illegally engage in insurance business in actual or disguised form. Investigate and collect evidence on online mutual aid platforms that illegally engage Costa Rica Phone Number in insurance business, such as “promising liability for compensation and payment” to the public in violation of regulations and inducing the public to expect compensation. Although this may be true, the same time, investors of relevant online mutual aid platforms will als restricted or even prohibited from investing in the insurance sector in accordance with the law. For mutual aid platforms positioned as public.

Welfare and Charitable Costa Rica Phone Number

Costa Rica Phone Number
Costa Rica phone number

Although this may be true, donors should Costa Rica Phone Number actively and clearly informed that “donation a one-way gift, and it cannot be expected to obtain a definite risk-guaranteed return”. 2016 is the year of internet finance supervision. The country has perfected the supervision of p2p loans in terms of regulatory agencies and regulations. Even so / though, mutual Costa Rica Phone Number insurance that has emerged in the insuretech field is similar to p2p in many ways. Due to the nature of insurance, mutual insurance is more prone to fraud than p2p lending. Let us learn from the country’s regulatory experience on p2p loans, which will help us understand the regulatory logic of the china insurance regulatory commission on mutual insurance.

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