It Comes to Creating a Custom Audience From Your Website Visitors, You Have All Sorts

It Comes to Creating a Custom Audience From Your Website Visitors, You Have All Sorts of Options. You Can Create an Audience From Users Who Visit a Particular Page or Spend a Certain Amount of Time on Your Website. However, This Strategy Should Keep It Simple and Use the Default All Website Visitors Option. The Number of Days You Choose Depends on the Amount of Traffic on Your Website. The Shorter the Time Frame, the Warmer the People in This Audience. But a Short Time Frame Also Reduces the Size of Your Audience. It’s Very Difficult to Recommend a Particular Number, but


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There as Needed. Then Name Lebanon Phone Number Your Audience and Select Create Audience to Continue to the Next Step . Free Bonus Downloads: Use This Checklist to Make Sure You’re Doing Everything You Can to Get More Conversions! Click Here to Download for Free Now! We’ve Helped Fortune 500 Companies, Venture-backed Start-ups, and Companies Like You Grow Faster . Get Free Consultation C) Cold Audience Not Everyone Has the Luxury of a Large Customer List and Tens of Thousands of Website Visitors Each Month. In That Case, You Need to Find and Target a Cold Audience, Which Can Be Tricky. Facebook Has a Huge Amount of Targeting Options, Which is Great for Our Marketers, but It Can Make It Difficult to Find the Best Option for Your Business.

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You Use Facebook’s Audience Insights Tool, Which You Can Access From Within Your Facebook Advertising Account . Image14 This Will Bring Up a Page Similar to the Following: Image20 the Easiest Way for Me to Show How to Find a Potential Cold Audience is to Use a Sample Business. I’m a Big Fan of Rugby, So an Example of a Business I Use is an Online Rugby Equipment Retailer Operating in the United Kingdom. Hopefully You Already Know Some of the Basic Demographic Information for Your Customers. In This Case, I’m Obviously Going to Change the Location to the Uk. Also, Set the Age Range to 18-30 Years and Select Males. Then Add One Relevant Interest to the Field of Interest. In This Case, It’s Rugby. It Looks Like This: Image18 Here You Can Find All Kinds of Demographic Information,

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