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Because although both e-shops theoretically operate on the same principle in practice each has its own specifics. Thanks to this, you will get a slightly more varied range of answers which we acknowledge. SEO News Found in Related Search feature Source. RoundTable Mass updating of a large number of images can have negative consequences .In the April issue of Google Office Hours John Mueller admitted that updating many photos at once can be an SEO problem. For example if you have a page with 50,000 recipes or products.  As part of a major update you change the illustration images, the search engine may not index them for several months. And it won’t change anything.

The Search Engine Tries To Reflect

Even if Search Console shows you that everything is fine. Mueller suggests solving similar situations by redirecting the. URLs of the original images to the URLs of the new ones Thanks to. This they keep the old ones in their system which they just redirect. which greatly simplifies and speeds up the indexing of updated photos. In addition to redirection Benin Phone Number List A fast server response can also help Source Search Engine Journal.  Does Google use a different algorithm for different content topics John Mueller also mentioned another interesting fact. He confirmed that his employer.

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That Source Search Engine

Uses slightly different evaluation criteria based on the thematic focus of the search query and the type of content. That is displayed after it However, it is not the case that. He uses completely different algorithms for two pages from a similar area. But with a slightly different focus of course the core evaluation elements. Are the same, so it cannot happen that two identical e-shops, only with different products. Are evaluated significantly differently and that what is good for one is considered wrong for the other. But Google will approach the e-shop CU Leads with shoes a little differently than the one that sells bicycles, which make them significantly different from each other.

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