Instagram for Business: 4 Tips to Use the Tool in Your Strategy

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks right now. According to instagram itself, there are more than 500 million users worldwide. 200 million more than twitter, with just over 300 million users. Such impressive numbers reinforce the importance of. Using instagram to do business, which can increase your company’s visibility. Build your online reputation and generate new business. But before using instagram for business it is important that. You know some important concepts: instagram for business and instagram ads . What is instagram for business? Instagram for business is the solution created by instagram. To make it easier for companies that want to use it to promote their products and services.

What is Instagram for Business?

It is a completely free tool that allows the company to choose the best way to contact its customers on its instagram profile, either by direct message through the app, email or phone. Another interesting feature of instagram for business is that it offers information and metrics about each post published on the VP IT Email List social network , helping a lot in identifying which actions are efficient and which need to be better worked on. Tip: also read: how important is metrics analysis for websites? It is important to remember that instagram for business is only available to those who already have a business page on facebook , which allows the import of data between accounts.

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What is Instagram Ads?

What is instagram ads? Instagram ads is the ad platform created especially for instagram. On this platform, it is possible to create prominent posts in video, photo and even an image carousel, widely used by online stores. And just like facebook ads , the tool is an excellent option to increase the number of visits to your website , encourage the download of applications or even increase the number of followers and fans of your brand. How to use instagram for business? Now that you know what instagram for business and instagram ads is, you are almost ready to create your campaigns. For that, we separate some amazing tips, check it out! 1.

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