Instagram Analytics: 7 Metrics to Calculate Your Roi

With more than 69 million users in brazil, instagram is the preferred social network at the moment. Therefore, it is one of the most used for internet marketing actions , especially for b2c businesses , due to the high level of consumer engagement. Therefore, it is extremely important to have tools for analyzing data and metrics related to this engagement, in order to optimize the use of the social network to do business . Fortunately, there are instagram analytics tools that can make the digital entrepreneur’s life easier. Check below the most important instagram analytics metrics to calculate your company’s roi . Tip: digital marketing indicators and metrics: learn how to use 1. Follower growth rate the number of followers alone is not very important, but the growth rate sure is.

Follower Growth Rate

It indicates how healthy your instagram strategy is . Gaining followers means your strategy is working and people are interested in your content . Keeping or losing followers is a sign that something is wrong with your marketing. 2. Number of interactions counting interactions is excellent for internal benchmarking VP Risk Email Lists for your efforts. You can track the amount of likes, comments, and saves your content is getting and use that data to create similar content that drives new positive results . 3. Engagement ratio a little different from the previous item (which says the total amount of interactions), the engagement rate is the average of interactions per post for every thousand followers .

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Number of Interactions

It’s a metric that normalizes posting frequency and audience size, so engagement by brand can be compared. 4. Use of hashtags hashtags are the social currency of users and brands on instagram . While it is not possible to track the number of users who have used a particular hashtag (like on twitter), they are the anchor for any brand campaign . By monitoring and ranking posts that have specific hashtags, you can get an idea of ​​campaigns that have resonated well. Generic hashtags can also give an indication of the type of content your fans really appreciate. 5. Relative impact in instagram analytics , relative impact calculates how impactful a particular post was compared to the average performance of your other posts over the last 30 days, based on engagement ratio .

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