Information on the Date the Statistics Were Updated

And a warning if the source is unreliable. Some publishers have been working with us for many years. About 3 years ago, we checked all the websites and in most cases. We managed to update the traffic (uu/month). A lot has changed since then. So our goal for the South Korea Phone Number near future is to update this data. Although, it will take several months. In order for the marketer to have reliable information for each website. We publish the date of the latest updated statistics. If the data provided is not reliable (in our opinion), we will disclose this information.

Message with Statistics

Update date message about statistic South Korea Phone Number that are out of date or uncertain 3. We check that website owners do not improve their visibility in analytics tools like ahrefs / semrush / majestic, etc. As it turns out, some publishers’ portals build their visibility into analytics tools (semrush, majestic, ahrefs) based on the creation of subpages that fall into popular phrases but are not clickable. Most often, these are phrases that deviate from the theme of the site itself, and apply, for example, to links to banks or university websites. Such a website “lands” 7-8 positions below these phrases while the visibility algorithms are cheated. During the verification of the websites, we will check this manually and in such cases, these services will be marked as “inferior quality”.

Requirements for Portals

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We introduced the concepts South Korea Phone Number of lower and higher quality portals and at the request of customers we modified the requirements for portals. These requirements will be verified when we add new services in the “2020 verification” process, which starts in may 2020. Below are the precise portal evaluation criteria. High quality portals: web traffic exceeds 1000 uu / month (average over the last 3 months, data from. Google analytics or another reliable source), organic traffic according to ahrefs ≥ 100 (check if this index has not tamper with) without pbn systems. (link exchange systems or clear positioning links), the page should be visible in the google search engine.

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