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In the image below I am creating a button click event in GTM. Here you will see the following settings that are important: Configuration. Tag here you select the correct GA4 configuration tag for the analytics property to which you want to send the data. Event name : this will be the name of the event that you will see in the various GA4 reports. Also check that the Algeria WhatsApp Number List automatically measured event (or the list of recommended events. So that there is no confusion about this later. Event Parameters : you are free to enter parameters as desired and send them to GA4. In this example I have sent the name of the button under the variable and the URL with the variable.

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Could also add a parameter or a demographic of the user, company size or other data available. User Properties. Once you have set up multiple user properties, you can more easily compare certain sub-target groups. Create a button click event in GA4 Flexible GA4 provides more freedom It takes some getting used to: a new interface, new settings, new naming conventions and perhaps all parts of GA4. But the flexibility and freedom that GA4 offers over Universal Analytics makes it worth getting used to. A good example of the flexibility that GA4 offers are the buttons below.

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Without all kinds of complicated actions in GTM or the data layer. It is possible to adjust all incoming events completely to your own liking. Customize events to your liking In the report where you view the activity of all your set events, you have the option to. Edit events create events manage custom definitions Events that GA4 automatically measures or that you have set up can be adjusted here yourself without having to dive into GTM. For example, in theory you could merge two events ‘file_download’ and ‘file_open’, if they relate to the same action, by changing the naming within your report.

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