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Faq-result in name, specify the faq question text, and specify the faq answer text after accepted answer. Of the html tags, heading tags, br tags, ol tags, ul tags, li tags, a tags, p tags, div tags, b tags, strong tags. I tags, and em tags can be used in the answer text. And links and headings can be used. Can be inserted. Structured data markup. In microdata format Algeria Phone Number List in the microdata format. When doing faq structured data markup. It is necessary to add attributes such as the itemprop. Attribute to the entire faq. Questions, and elements that represent answers.

The Part That Gives

The attribute is the following five elements. Verify operation Algeria Phone Number List with rich result test once the markup is complete. Let’s verify it with a rich result test before publishing it. You can test it by pasting the html even before the page is published. After publishing, enter the relevant url and check again, and if no error is displayed, the implementation of faq structured data markup is complete. Unique seo diagnosis that visualizes issues! Click here for free seo diagnostics why it doesn’t appear in the rich results even with faq structured markup, rich results may not appear in search results. Possible causes are at google’s discretion and when there is something wrong with the markup. As a premise, it is google’s judgment whether the rich result is displayed, so even with perfect markup, it is not 100% displayed.

The Ease with Which

Algeria Phone Number List

Rich results can obtain differs Algeria Phone Number List depending on the keyword. So it is a good idea to check whether rich results are appearing on competing sites. After that, i will explain three possible causes other than google’s judgment. The crawler hasn’t arrive yet the target page may not load by the crawler. Enter the url in the google search console and click the [request indexing] button. There is an excess or deficiency in the number of faqs there may be excess or deficiency in the number of faq items. If the number of faqs is 2 or less, or 11 or more, it will not be displayed in the rich result . The specified faq is not displayed on the page google’s structured data guidelines state that the structured data should match what is displayed on the page.

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