Digital Marketing Influencers On Clubhouse

Wherever you are, whatever you do, you can hop in as a listener or chat with people you follow. The invite-only app is currently only available on the App Store. A friend of yours can invite you to join the community, or you can download the app, reserve your username and wait for invites.

When socialization is not that easy, social media platforms and conferencing tools have helped us breathe in 2020. There comes Clubhouse in May 2020, created by Silicon Valley’s Paul Davison and former Google employee Rohan Seth.

Being a part of Clubhouse means you can join rooms, build clubs, broadcast and moderate your own. The more you do those, you can also have more invites that you can share with other people.

Why You Should Be on Clubhouse

Rise of a new social platform, Clubhouse, is the new hot topic of the year.

It is a social way of social distancing—a new normal of social media.

Besides being a part of a platform where you Belgium Phone Number can join the same rooms with celebs and popular people, you can also learn about your industry. Digital marketers are online on Clubhouse. They share their insights on the industry and help you develop yourself. Sometimes you can consider the platform as a place to learn. Likewise, you can have fun, make meaningful conversations and share experiences.

In this article, we have shared the digital marketing influencers on Clubhouse who can contribute to your business with their voice in your ears.

Who to Follow on Clubhouse?



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Anyone interested in digital marketing has heard about Gary Vaynerchuk.

He is a serial entrepreneur, 5x New York Times Best-Selling Author, Chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerMedia, CEO of VaynerSports, and Co-Founder of Empathy Wines. Moreover, he builds businesses.

He is an explorer, and it is a chance to follow him on various platforms. For sure, he is an expert who loves sharing insights on Clubhouse too.

Shaa Wasmund MBE helps coaches and business owners work less, sell more and enjoy scaleable success.

She is an award-winning keynote speaker for many FTSE 250 companies including; Nat West, Santander, Vodafone, O2, JP Morgan, Chartered Institute of Marketing, The IoD and others.

Keep in touch with her on Clubhouse for the topics such as marketing and making real money online.

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