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In conclusion interviewing experts and guest posting are. Two techniques that will actually deliver traffic when you don’t have an audience. The methods outlined above combine both. These techniques in a powerful strategy that you can use. To jumpstart your blog and take it from the wastelands of obscurity. To the foothills of success. Tips: if you are too busy to do guest posting, hire. An expert or a freelancer on fiverr.

Let’s recap the main steps: write three or four round-up posts cultivate relationships with experts in your niche research the type of blog posts they publish (topic, headlines, intros, word count) reach out to them with three winning guest post ideas deliver your guest post and be a pleasure to work with good luck! Let me know how you go in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your experiences with round-up posts and guest posts using this strategy. Guest author: rob powell lives on the edge of the great barrier reef with his wife and two daughters. 

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He teaches beginner bloggers how to create epic content that will get them notic – you can check out his own blog and website heref you’re looking for effective ways to build a bigger following on social media, look no further than the humble hashtag Estonia phone number competition. Since hashtags became a big deal in the social media world, they’ve become a quick way to explode your brand’s reach and amass user-generated content for savvy marketing. But before we go into how to run a successful hashtag competition, let’s talk about why they’re so popular at the moment. 

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To be honest, it’s pretty straightforward: they’re cheap and easy to run, they tend to gain a lot of traction quickly, and they’re easier to manage than many other kinds of promotions. What’s more, they’re relatively quick to prepare for something that yields so many benefits. Hashtag competitions can help you build brand awareness, increase engagement with your audience, and ultimately increase sales. One thing to be aware of though – user-generated hashtag competitions are different to ‘tag a friend’, ‘like’, or ‘comment to win’ competitions. You know why? Because they use hashtags

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Giveaway where a brand asks its followers to post a piece of content on a social network, accompanied by a specific hashtag, for a chance to win a prize. That content might take the form of a photo, video, review, or even some text, like a recipe. Either way, each time someone posts anything containing the unique hashtag, they’re enter to win a prize. The winner is generally chosen either at random (technically making the contest a ‘sweepstakes’). Alternatively, they can be determin by criteria the brand decides upon such as popularityviews or by letting a panel of independent judges choose the winner. Clear on all that? Great! Let’s get down into the nitty-gritty of running hashtag competitions. Social media guide free download the ultimate guide to social media marketing for  the best platforms for hashtag competitions while hashtags can be used across

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