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Website analytics, simply put, is a way of collecting the data coming from your website. Everything from how many visitors you have, where they come from,   Image Masking what type of content they react well to, and s  Image Masking o on and so forth. Now below, we’ve put together the 5 most common analytic tools that’ll help take your business  Image Masking to the next level: This is how many customers you have coming in and out of your website. It’s important to know, especially when you’re looking at how long you’ve had your website up for.

This can be  Image Masking seen from the visitor’s country,

And so much more! Say it’s been a year and you’re only getting 75 people coming and going from your website? Well, that’s quite low but say you’ve been up only for 3 weeks and getting 75 people? That’s a decent  Image Masking amount. Website traffic is in regards to the amount of people due to the length of time or age of the website. Ideally,  Image Masking you’d want your number of visits to grow as your website age gets higher. Now don’t get confused here, we’re still talking on the movement, but not what you think.

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Usually, first-time  Image Masking visitors find your website

Any links you have, rather than typing in your full url. Your traffic sources, are  Image Masking those links and we have broken them down into four categories: We’ve seen how far technology has spread and grown  Image Masking over the past 25 years alone. Now you can open any url on your phone or ipad or any device you have! With analytics tools, you can track what percentage of users are visiting your site through desktop or mobile browsers. Currently, 51.3% of web pages are being loaded on mobile devices.

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