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To test other demographic variables such as geography, sex and so on, but for better results you should only test one element at a time. Bonus tip: Use images which will resonate with each audience segment. For example, if your value proposition is targeted towards couples, use photos of couples in your ads. If you are targeting women aged 35-45, use a photo of a woman from that age bracket as your image. The more aligned your ad imagery and copy is to your target audience, the more it will resonate. 3. Focus on targeted locations Like I said before, making the world your oyster is not very effective when it comes to online marketing. 


Think about it this way: if you run a pizzeria in Melbourne, would it make sense to advertise it to people in Sydney? Most likely not, because the chances of someone jumping on a 2-hour plane ride just to taste your pizza are pretty slim. As a rule of thumb, if you run a locally based business, make sure to target prospects that are within a 10-20 miles radius around your location. Target Facebook Ads – image 4 One effective way to find and reach people around your business is to use local awareness ads. This feature allows you to access the recent location function and target prospects that are the closest to your business. 4. 

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Tap into Audience Insights to understand your prospects Who are the people that visit your page? Why do they like it? How can you best target your ads so that you improve your chances of getting a reaction? These are crucial questions you need to ask yourself before launching an ad campaign on Facebook. If you don’t know what makes your Spain phone number audience tick, it will be difficult to persuade them to click on your ads. Fortunately, Audience Insights has the answer to most of these questions. From demographics data like gender, education, jobs, and relationship statuses, to information about their lifestyle, online behavior, passions, and so on, Audience Insights is a goldmine for any marketer.

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For example, below is some of the basic demographic information for all Facebook users: Target Facebook Ads – image 5 5. Separate Mobile and Desktop Campaigns The smartphone is now the most popular way of browsing the internet. So you need to keep pace if you want to remain relevant in this mobile-first world. One of the most important rules you should follow if you want to create effective Facebook ads is to ensure that you don’t use the same design for both your mobile and desktop campaigns. 

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And, here’s why: Different Audiences: People who use the mobile app may not use it on a desktop and vice versa. As of late 2016, there were more than 1 billion mobile-only users, so you need to decide where you want to invest and target. Although there is an option to optimize your desktop ad for mobile view, don’t leave it to chance. Image Optimization: Use the image size guide to figure out the size and shape of your ad. It tells you how your

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