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It! This will force you to work your ass off and increase your likelihood of success. If you have no pressure to perform and you keep pushing deadlines back, you will set yourself up to fail. You don’t want a failed Kickstarter! A failed Kickstarter is a big stain on your reputation. Inviting somebody to support a failed Kickstarter looks really bad, and you can’t delete a Kickstarter once it’s made. Here are the three fundamentals to a successful Kickstarter campaign A solid product A landing page that converts well Good web traffic Now let’s break those down.

First, a solid product! So how do you figure out if you have a solid product? Well… Read ‘The Mom Test’. People will always tell you what you want to hear, not whether the product is actually viable. Read this book and you will know how to tell if there is a real demand for your product or if it needs improvement. Create a pre sign-up form. If nobody signs up or shares the form, that’s a bad sign. Look for a social reaction when you announce your product. If nobody cares, that’s a red flag. See if you can identify at least 20 people (actual people!) who would definitely buy your product. 

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Next, a landing page that converts well! How do you create a landing page that converts well, you ask? Well… Try Unbounce, Leadpages, or Clickfunnels, to create your landing pages. Each product will allow you build, publish, and A/B test landing pages. Any of them will work, so just choose the one that appeals to you most. Keep your site clean and simple – you want it to do one thing. So wherever possible, avoid extra sections/offsite links e.g. Twitter, Facebook. Just Albania phone number create a sign-up page with as few fields to fill in as possible. Your site should be fast, easy to use, and mobile-friendly. It should include as many payment options as possible. Your product must be simple to buy. You will also need a killer video. Hire a good team to create a video for you. 

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Last, good web traffic! Your internet community should be jumping with excitement when your Kickstarter is about to start. You will need to do a big pre-launch campaign and everybody should be acting like it’s Christmas. So track your links! Setup Google Analytics on your website Read this resource. You want it to be easy to see which vendor is sending you the good traffic. Next, send your Kickstarter viral by utilizing a contest. You can look into Raw Shorts for explainer video software and Premium Beat for high-quality royalty-free music.

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You can use the platform Queue to create a contest. Users get ranked by how much they share and spread your content. Create enticing prizes for your top three to make your content well-known pre-launch. For example, if you offer an underwear subscription box: first prize could be free underwear for life; second prize could be free underwear for one year; and third prize could be two pairs of underwear delivered in a gift basket. Or, if you were launching an online coaching program: first

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